Boys’ Hostel building is constructed under RUSA 2.0. Hostel Committee is the supreme authority. Current members of the Hostel Committee are:

Mr. Lalsiamthanga (Principal) : Ex-Officio Chairman. Contact: 8414045720

Dr. Lalrinpuia Vangchhia         : Secretary. Contact: 8837341169

Mrs. Lalremsiami

Mr. FB Vanlalruata

Mr. CS Vanlalkunga

Mr. Malsawmtluanga

Mr. R Lalngaihawma

Dr. C Hmingsangzuala

Boys Hostel is overseen and administered by Hostel Warden. The hostel authority are:

Warden         : Dr. Lalrinpuia Vangchhia. Contact: 8837341169

Asst. Warden: Dr. C Hmingsangzuala. Contact: 8118912764

Monitor          : Jeffrey Zoramdina. Contact: 9383062972

GHC Application form for Hostel Admission.pdf