The Innovative and Best practices committee held on 13th August 2018 resolved that the following activities were put forward to complement environmental consciousness, health and sanitation and personal development.

1. Title of the practice: Mentoring/ Counselling System:

Goal: To uplift students in all matters related to academic and personal life.

Practice: The mentor not only guides the students in academic matters but also in any matter of concern for the students. The student seeks the advice of the mentor at every step of their course of study beginning from the registration for courses at the start of every semester. The students meet their mentor regularly. The mentor helps the mentees regarding their interests and energies effectively during the complete course of study at the institution. Evidence of success: The most important evidence of success for the mentoring system is from the testimonials of the end-users. The students and their parents have been very happy with the mentoring system. The behaviour of the students on the campus in general has witnessed a tremendous improvement and the students are much happier and contended with their course of study at the institute after the implementation of the mentoring system. The pass percentage and the average academic performance of the students have also achieved greater heights with this practice. Some students have presented themselves as quite a challenge for their proctors, but they figure out their priorities and start performing better after counselling sessions with their mentors.


2. Title of the Practice: Blood Donation

Goal: To save life

Practice: Government Hnahthial College organized Blood Donation Camp under the supervision of Red Ribbon Club every Valentines’ Day on 14th February at the college campus. College students and staff donated their blood. A team of medical representatives like Doctors and nurses from Hnahthial Community Health Centre (CHC) came to our campus and checked the blood group of every student who needed to know their blood group. A total number of 29 (8 female and 21 male) donated their blood. All those who donated their blood were given refreshments. The team of doctors thanked our Principal, staff, and students for their co-operation. Evidence of success: According to the report of Community Health Centre (CHC), many of the needy people got pure blood to safe their life from students and faculty of the institution. The institution also resolved that the providing services and life to the community is the best practice and firm promise.


3. Title of the Practice: Waste management

Goal: To provide healthy environment

Practice: The College is equipped with proper wet and dry waste disposal system. The canteen left-over is also being utilized as manure in order to promote environmental friendly campus. Success evidence: There is no unmanaged garbage within the campus.