The focal point of Govt. Hnahthial College’s vision has always been, since its foundation in 1979, to provide access to higher learning not only to stakeholders in the vicinity of the town of Hnahthial but also to others living in the interior regions. Most exclusively, due not only to its location but also largely due to the emphasis laid by the administration on improving the quality of faculty and supporting staff, the college has been able to deliver quality, holistic and meaningful education to the rural population.

In today’s global society, it is of paramount importance to ensure that all sections of society are able to not only perceive the world around them but also to actively participate in it. In light of this, the college caters to a number of first-generation learners from the rural population in and around the district. The college has been able to foster this spirit of inclusiveness through its activities through the promotion of curricular as well as co-curricular activities. As a result of this approach, the same student who attends classes during the week and then helps their family in the fields on the weekend is give the opportunity and the tools to try and achieve more than his forbearers. 

Apart from academic excellence, the college also pays sincere attention to the physical, moral and cultural development of students. Students have shown outstanding performance in sports tournaments in the past years. The women team were declared champions in district games and championships. The college also actively encourages the organization of moral events like the Evangelical Union meetings regularly.