The Students' Union play a vital role to look after the interests of students.  Elected leaders and Principal as Ex-Officio President look after the affairs of the Students' Union.

The Office Bearer of the Students' Union for the 2019-20 session are as follows:




Vice President

F Remsangpuia

V Sem. (Pol. Science)

General Secretary

B Lalchawimawia

V Sem. (Education)

Games & Sport Secretary

V Lalramnghaka

V Sem. (Education)

Social & Cultural Secretary

C Lalremtluangi

III Sem.

Common Room Secretary

Lalremruata Ralte

V Sem. (Pol. Science)

Magazine Editor

R Lalkghawngaiha

III Sem.

Assistant General Secretary

Isaac Lalremruata

V Sem. (Pol. Science)

Assistant Games & Sport Secretary

Rohlupuia Ralte

III Sem.

Assistant Social & Cultural Secretary

Jeremy Zothankima

III Sem.

Assistant Common Room Secretary


I Sem.

Assistant Magazine Editor

Jonathan Remruatsanga

III Sem.