1. Library: The Library is connected with internet and is partially automated. It is equipped with the latest SOUL 2.0 software. Books are arranged in a simple and systematic manner. OPAC facility is also available to students to locate books and other material available. The library subscribe to various reputed journals. Periodic upgradation of books and journals are done according to the needs of the students and faculties.

2. Language Laboratory: The College language laboratory funded by RUSA is located within the Academic building. It is equipped with ten computers, head phones with adequate sound quality. The room is designed and built with uninterrupted power backup. English and Hindi learning opportunities are made available in the laboratory. In the case of Hindi learning, a professional trainee is employed to carry out Hindi learning effectively.  To ensure effective utilization of the laboratory particular routine is followed.

3. Computer: The college is committed to upgrading its IT infrastructure on a regular basis.  Computer and IT infrastructure in the campus are timely checked and updated with the latest software.  Antivirus software is installed in all the computers. Ten computers are placed in language laboratory for learning language. It is also used for conducting basic computer training to acquaint the students with basic computer knowledge. Every department have their own laptop for the purpose of teaching, learning and storing department's important documents and photos.

4. Classroom: The class rooms are equipped with state of art LCD projectors and white/green boards. Readymade furniture are also placed in each classroom. The college has also used energy saving electric appliances like led. 

5. Gymnasium: Adequate gym facilities are placed in the college gym. Gym equipment are timely monitored by the teacher-in-charge. The college gym issued member ship card for the students and teachers free of cost.  Maintaining cleanliness inside the gym is a must for all users.

6. Indoor Stadium:  The indoor stadium in the college accommodates space for playing badminton and table tennis. PVC flooring is used in the badminton court. The stadium is equipped with uninterrupted power supply.  An instruction for the users is displayed on the wall. Membership fee is collected from all the members. Badminton players are instructed to use only non marking shoes.