Sensitization on Constitutional Obligations was organized by IQAC & Institutional Values & Best Practices Cell, Govt. Hnahthial College on 30th May 2023.

The programme was attended by 32 persons and chaired by Dr. C. Vanengmawii, Chairman of Institutional Values & Best Practices Cell. Dr. K. Lalzuimawia, Coodinator, IQAC delivered a lecture on the topic of "Indian Constitution: Evolution & Salient Features". He highlighted the historical background of Indian Constitution and how it came out of long-lived historical events. He also outlined the main features of the Indian Constitution and stressed its importance as the supreme law of the country. The lecture was concluded by emphasizing 11 Fundamental Duties under article 51-A l, especially the first point which instructed every Indian citizen to abide by the Constitution and have respect for its ideals and institutions.